Creativiteit is niet alleen een plaatje. Het is veel meer dan dat. Business creativiteit is een MIX van ervaring, kennis, creativiteit en kunde. 

BeeWorks is op meerdere terreinen full service. De gezamenlijk ervaring van de twee partners is meer dan 40 jaar. Kennis waar u gebruik van kunt maken

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Do you recognize this?

You want to make some adjustments to your website, but you have lost your password and you no longer know how the CMS works. You want to add an image or document, but hey, what was that again? Give it a try anyway… Shit! page deleted… Grrrr. What now?


It’s an hour later, but you haven’t made any progress. Perhaps you could have spent that time better to land an assignment?

The solution

Managed websites
These are websites including domain.nl or .com, hosting, technical maintenance, security, design in your own house style, complete with page(s), one or more email addresses and monthly content adjustments for a fixed amount per month.

In other words: we manage everything for you so that you can fully focus on your business!

In addition, we can develop (additional work) the content for your site: SEO web text, blogs, images, illustrations, logo, etc.

What is a managed website?

Simply put, a managed website is a site that you don’t have to worry about: all inclusive.

By default, it is usually the case that a website does include a few things, such as the registration of your domain name, hosting, technical maintenance and security. With a managed website, more is included, such as a design in your own house style, delivered complete with page(s), one or more email addresses.

Even better is that monthly content adjustments are also included for a fixed amount per month. Hassle, annoyance and loss of time to place something yourself are a thing of the past. And as far as costs are concerned, you know exactly in advance where you stand.

Benefits of managed websites:

Benefits of managed websites:

ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 27001 certified

Guaranteed super-fast and safe

Our hosting has high-quality hardware and infrastructure. The servers are optimally configured and the caching is good, so that pages load super-fast. We also have ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and ISO 27001 quality and management certificates. 

Customization or template
or beautifully developed template

A template is a template for the layout of a website. The master has a design with often different pages and contains fixed parts, such as a header, logo, navigation and footer and the size of page margins.
Within the format, your content is placed in predefined places. You can choose from different templates.


65 per maand
  • Custom design
  • 15 pages
  • Possibility blogs/news
  • 3x trial round
  • 1.5 hours of support every month
  • Response time 8 hours
  • Manage yourself: Webmaster rights
  • Pages can be expanded indefinitely
  • 10x Email addresses
  • 10 GB Storage / Unlimited Traffic

Next Level

39 per maand
  • More than 20 templates
  • 5 pages
  • Possibility blogs/news
  • 2x trial round
  • 1 hours of support every month
  • Response time 24 hours
  • Manage yourself: Webmaster rights
  • Pages can be expanded indefinitely
  • 5x Email addresses
  • 5 GB Storage / 500 GB Traffic


25 per maand
  • BeeWorks Pro template
  • 1 pages
  • Option blogs/news: 5,-/month
  • 1x trial round
  • 0.5 hours of support every month
  • Response time 48 hours
  • Manage yourself: Editor rights
  • One Page website
  • 1x Email addresses
  • 1 GB Storage / 250 GB Traffic

We and our work

We can only give a selection of all experiences and projects. Perhaps it appeals to you. BeeWorks is an International team, Suriname, the Netherlands and the USA.